Guide to buy your first sex toy

Leave behind taboos and start enjoying your sex life!

In order to feel good about yourself, your partner and fully enjoy your sexuality, it is necessary to set aside taboos. For this I invite you to know this guide to choose your first sex toy to have fun as a couple or alone!

best sex toys

Step 1. Choose a good erotic shop

Take some time to search the web for the best erotic shops in your city, those with better and higher references, those that are located in safe places and above all have affordable prices.

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Adult stores can sometimes have the bad reputation of creepy places, where there are people ready to approach you and seduce you; They even have a bad reputation for being dirty places. But the truth is that nowadays the managers of this type of stores are striving more and more to make these places safe, comfortable, quiet and also, in many cases, luxurious.

sex toys

Step 2. Open your mind

After choosing the erotic shop of your choice, your first visit to a sex shop can be just to see the kind of products they have, so you can get an idea of ​​what you can find and choose: lingerie, costumes, games of table, aromatic candles, leather boots, lubricants, vibrators and a host of other things.

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You may go to the store without something specific to buy, but I assure you that if you go with an open mind and try to get rid of the shame, your next visit will be a very good experience.

best sex toys partner

Step 3. Know what excites you and your partner the most

It is important that when looking for your first sex toy do not get carried away just because a product looks exciting. Take into account the tastes of your partner and yours so that the one you buy is a product that you will really use and will not be thrown away and kept in a drawer.

For example:

Do not buy your kid a stimulator ring if he suffers from premature ejaculation.
Do not buy an inflatable doll if you do not know that you like it, because you may be terrified.
Do not buy an anal stimulator for you if you do not plan to have anal sex, because you will excite your boy for pleasure. If you want to know how to choose the best dildo — click here for info.

best sex toys realistic

Step 4. Be realistic

If you’re a very shy girl in public, but you’re dying to know sex toys for couples, then do not try to do something that can be traumatic for you or it can result in a bad experience.

Remember that there are also online erotic shops, so look for an online one and ask them to send your purchase to your home by mail.

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After this guide to choose your first sex toy, know some erotic gifts to give your boyfriend. And encourage yourself to spice up your relationship!


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